Refresh Your Beauty®

Dr. Leonel Calderón is pleased to help you reclaim the freshness of your youth. Let him address your facial rejuvenation needs with non-surgical treatments.

Dr. Calderón will develop a customized aesthetic care program to maintain and restore your beauty and youthfulness. He is committed to achieving the most natural-looking results with the highest level of individualized personal and professional care.

Natural is Beautiful!

Dr. Calderón specializes in facial aesthetic medicine.  He is highly trained and experienced, with a thorough medical background and complete understanding of facial anatomy. Utilizing the most effective products and employing highly specific injecting techniques, he creates masterful facial rejuvenation.  Dr. Calderón has an artistic eye for beauty and a talent for visualization.  His specific interest is in refreshing your features and restoring the contours of your youthful self.  Dr. Calderón is renowned for his perfectly natural results – dramatic yet undetectable.  You will experience a noticeable transformation with no obvious alteration.

The services of Dr. Calderón are highly personalized and individualized.  Experience a boutique-styled clinic in the most luxurious and private environment.  Each treatment is designed specifically for you after a thorough assessment of your needs.  He understands the importance of the trust you place in his abilities, and he provides the safest, most effective treatments available delivered in the most comfortable way.

Beauty is a form of genius — is higher, indeed, than genius, as it needs no explanation.

It is of the great facts in the world like sunlight, or springtime.”

- Oscar Wilde

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